Destination: France

Life has been too crazy around here, and I'm thinking it won't be routine (for longer than 2 weeks anyway) until after the new year. While I embrace and encourage occasional spontaneity, I thrive with routines, lists, plans, you get the drift. As this is Sunday, and I'd rather not think about stressful things for … Continue reading Destination: France


Death Comes for the Archbishop (Cather)

Death Comes for the Archbishop – Willa Cather; 1927. While there are murders and frightening people in this book, it’s not dark, and definitely not a murder mystery. Briefly, it’s the story of how one man dies from having lived. It’s one of the best novels I’ve read all year, and I’d highly recommend it … Continue reading Death Comes for the Archbishop (Cather)

FS: Denver Skillet sans skillet aka Breakfast for Dinner

Tried making? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Easy? Yuppers. Time? 20-25 min. I type "sans skillet" since, while made in a skillet or frying pan, it's not served in one like back in my much missed Illinois, Mediterranean-American-family owned, family restaurants (here's looking at you, Seven Dwarfs). Compared to theirs, my version tastes like a wannabe (albeit … Continue reading FS: Denver Skillet sans skillet aka Breakfast for Dinner


Ever wondered what the etymology is for this word - how its meaning came to be? It's used in old Bible translations plus modern day English to express pleasure as a verb and noun. Is it related to "Delicious" or have something to do with providing light (traditionally affiliated with goodness)? Well, wouldn't you know … Continue reading Delight